Mijn schoenenpoets machine


Shining for a larger audience is essential for the goal that MySPM pursues: getting an SPM within reach for everyone that suits him or her.

To achieve this, the image of an SPM must be ‘polished’. Participating in ‘The New Webshop Awards 2020’ contributes to visibility and spreading this message. For these reasons, we are participating in this election in the ‘Electronics’ category and not in, for example, ‘household’ or ‘shoes’. An SPM is a luxury gadget that gives you convenience and pays attention to you.

The election is based on the number of votes and the appreciation of the public, but also on the judgment of a professional jury. At the time of this writing, MijnSPM is still number 1 in the latest rankings. These Awards run until September 7, 2020 and since I’m counting on you: voting is allowed.

The magazine Pure Luxe has published an article that is also in line with the idea of ​​​​your own SPM: Why would you continue to do an annoying job like shining shoes, if you can get a machine that takes care of it for you? Read the full publication here .

With the above-mentioned things that increase the visibility of MySPM, we hope to create even more awareness of a special device. However, the most important thing remains: judge (and vote) for yourself.


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