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Men’s (and women’s) Finest

Only the best, nothing less.

Good that we meet each other; My Shoe Shine Machine offers you the best for your shoes, but temporarily for less.

When I receive visitors at home and receive the first comment about my shoe shine machine (SPM), I often hear that people are surprised that such a device is in someone’s home. Apparently there is a perception that an SPM only exists in a business environment or in the catering industry. The SPM earns the image of a luxurious device that brings quality and convenience within reach, also at home.

There are (online) magazines where issues such as quality, convenience and luxury come together: consider Esquire , Men’s Health and  Quote , for example . On Wednesday, October 30, they will jointly organize the Men’s Finest Shopping Day , which offers an opportunity to get your SPM with a generous discount: if you spend at least €400, you will get €75 back!

NB; This offer only applies on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 and will be automatically processed in your shopping cart. You will find more information about this Shopping Day on the Men’s Finest website .

We’ll see each other on Wednesday, October 30, 2019!

All the best,


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