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‘Entrepreneurship’ part 5/5: Looking ahead

In this series of blogs about ‘Entrepreneurship’ I want to take you through the phases of conceiving, starting up and further developing my business: My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM).

From the motivation for entrepreneurship, laying the foundation to devising plans for the future. What choices do you make, but especially why?

Part 5: Looking ahead

As mentioned in part 4, it is very important to keep the common thread running through your ideas and decisions. After continuous refinement, I have this clear for my company. How do we move into the future? Be visible and tell the story of MySPM.

I am convinced that a good product continues to sell itself and I am confident that interested parties will find their way to MySPM. I also notice that it is still relatively unknown how to use an SPM correctly: which brushes do you use when and is every shoe suitable for being cleaned by an SPM? You can read the answers to these questions here .

The decision for me to start a business in another industry turned out well. On the one hand, I bring fundamental aspects from community pharmacy, such as quality and (personal) attention. On the other hand, I get the opportunity to learn a lot when starting my own company and exploring a new market at the same time. Most importantly, I started following my interests and passions.

Being visible and telling the story of MySPM: I tried to do this in this series about ‘Entrepreneurship’. Hopefully it has given you inspiration to turn ideas into reality (or purchase an SPM :)). In any case, go for it!

Now it’s time to shine in front of an even bigger audience.

Here’s to a bright future!


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