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‘Entrepreneurship’ part 4/5: Concrete

In this series of blogs about ‘Entrepreneurship’ I want to take you through the phases of conceiving, starting up and further developing my business: My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM).

From the motivation for entrepreneurship, laying the foundation to devising plans for the future. What choices do you make, but especially why?

Part 4: Concrete

In my previous blog I concluded with setbacks that I encountered in making concrete plans for the MijnSPM webshop. I don’t want to talk about ‘mistakes’ or ‘what I should have done differently’; I think that is incorrect. I think evaluating and reflecting are essentially different and entail a mindset that does help you move forward.

What have I actually achieved? Everything. The website has been up and running since April 2019 and the webshop is operational for processing orders. The Instagramwas already on the air with carefully selected content. Is everything still the same as at launch? No. I have continued to search for what interests my target group and what provides a good experience on my website. This is a continuous process and requires constant evaluation and reflection. I have read a lot (in various sources) about topics that I have encountered and have partly based my choices on that. Adjustments are always possible, as long as the common thread remains visible. The latter concerns your mission/vision and I have learned that you should never lose your focus on this. It is your foundation. Have you made things concrete in a well-considered manner? but does it not have the effect you had in mind? It helps to fall back on this and then look further to map out a new route.

You can’t call this a ‘mistake’ that you ‘should have done differently’, can you? Making ideas concrete is the beauty of entrepreneurship!

In part 5 more about the current state of affairs and a look at the future.

I’ll continue again, see you soon!

Greetings from Roland

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