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‘Entrepreneurship’ part 3/5: The concept

In this series of blogs about ‘Entrepreneurship’ I want to take you through the phases of conceiving, starting up and further developing my business: My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM).

From the motivation for entrepreneurship, laying the foundation to devising plans for the future. What choices do you make, but especially why?

Part 3: The concept

Combine interests and passions. That’s how I came up with the idea of ​​starting a webshop for shoe shine machines (SPMs). Selling a luxury item via the internet requires a good description of the product and reaching the right target group. Who is the target group? Given the origins of the company and the story behind my first SPM, I mainly use myself as an example. What things attract my attention and what don’t? Can I identify with certain people and what are the current products in the market that are in a similar position to an SPM?

So many questions…..and so much fun to think about everything! Structuring ideas is then necessary to ensure that you do not get lost in dreams and inspiration.

Luxury and convenience are important topics within my concept: when you order an SPM, all matters must be properly arranged and not be unnecessarily bothered with details. As a retail entrepreneur, I want to let the consumer shine. Everything must run smoothly in the background; think of the website and social media, but also agreements with my supplier. In short, no unpleasant surprises that you could have avoided.

Didn’t any unexpected things come your way? Of course yes, because if you can predict everything, you have gold in your hands. Unfortunately, apart from the Polifix 2: 24 Karat Gold Coated, I don’t have that :).

In a next blog I would like to tell you more about challenges in the run-up to the launch of My Shoe Shine Machine.

See you soon!


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