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‘Entrepreneurship’ part 2/5: The idea

In this series of blogs about ‘Entrepreneurship’ I want to take you through the phases of conceiving, starting up and further developing my business: My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM).

From the motivation for entrepreneurship, laying the foundation to devising plans for the future. What choices do you make, but especially why?

Part 2: The idea

Retail, retail and entrepreneurship have been the key words for me to start something new. When I shared my ambitions with loved ones, a common response was that I would like to start something with medication or cosmetics, or even start my own pharmacy! In any case, I was already sure that I wanted to include the following pillars: quality and (personal) attention. These aspects make a community pharmacist distinctive, it creates customization for the customer and gives me job satisfaction! Luxury and gadgets also attract my attention, but it also had to be functional. Ideas for new concepts often arise when the creator encounters a problem and manages to solve it in an original way. For me, the idea appeared to have been within reach at home for some time: the shoe shine machine (SPM)!

You can read about how this SPM came to my home here .

The idea to start a business with an SPM arose during a holiday on Bonaire in September 2018. Traveling and holidays make me think about all kinds of things, including passions and intentions. This made me decide to take the plunge with My Shoe Shine Machine !

The combination of retail, retail, entrepreneurship and the SPM complete the concept for me. In the next blog I will discuss the form of my company in more detail.

Until then!


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