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‘Entrepreneurship’ part 1/5: The reason

In this series of blogs about ‘Entrepreneurship’ I want to take you through the phases of conceiving, starting up and further developing my business: My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM).

From the motivation for entrepreneurship, laying the foundation to devising plans for the future. What choices do you make, but especially why?

Part 1: The reason

I am trained as a Public Pharmacist Specialist. In short, I am a public pharmacist in a pharmacy on the street corner. A fantastic profession that I get a lot of pleasure from! Almost every pharmacy has shelves in the general area where medication and aids are available without a prescription. Here too, pharmacists have an important role in the correct use of medical supplies. The pharmacy is part of the Dutch healthcare system and that means that you have to collaborate with many parties and comply with strict regulations. This is especially true for prescription-only medications.

It is precisely those shelves with products in the general area of ​​the pharmacy that are less bound by agreements and regulations: you can buy them straight away. With the knowledge and expertise, as a pharmacist you can provide customers with tailor-made advice: I always find it great when I can help someone in this way in an accessible way. It can only be advice, but selling products is of course also a great outcome. The following applies to both: quality in combination with attention to the person behind the question makes the difference.

Retail and retail has always fascinated me for the reasons mentioned above. I have noticed that this way you can also demonstrate the role of Public Pharmacist Specialist to a broader audience.

I am currently employed, but I have had the ambition to start my own business for years. What now?

The conclusion is that I want to combine retail, retail and entrepreneurship. How will I do that? In the community pharmacy or with another type of company? And what kind of products? In any case, I definitely want to explore something new.

In the next blog in this series I will tell you more about my considerations and choices.

See you soon,


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