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‘Back to Basic’ part 2/2: Distinctive luxury

In this series of blogs I want to take you to the essence of My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM): making your leather shoes (and yourself) shine.
MySPM embraces the personal attention for your leather shoes and especially wants to emphasize the convenience that an SPM can give you. Moreover, you are working sustainably and you have an original item within reach.
Come back to basics with me and read on.

Part 2/2: Distinctive luxury

In part 1 I described the convenience an SPM can give you, but there is more:

Due to the convenience of an SPM, the threshold for cleaning your (leather) shoes is lowered. This means they get cleaned more often, which extends the lifespan of your shoes. So sustainable.  

When it comes to the quality of the SPMs, I always mention that the devices in my range are made on request ( with the exception of Easy Comfort ) and by hand in Germany. That gives me the confidence for the best quality and finish of the products. I also like that they are made close to home and therefore do not have to make a long journey before they arrive at customers: sustainable and customer-oriented.

Attention to detail makes the difference; for your shoes, but also for yourself. A pair of well-polished, shiny shoes catches the eye and shows that you want to look good. I always think it’s nice to see that extra ‘step’ in people, because it takes the whole thing to a higher level. Allow yourself this luxury.

Partly because I like to see people shine personally, I mainly focus on private individuals with My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM). My experience is that an SPM is mainly associated with a business environment, such as catering or an office. I would like to adjust this image: why couldn’t you have the benefits of an SPM at home?

The above things make an SPM a distinctive gift: it provides convenience, you are sustainable and it is a luxury device within reach. The aspect of personal attention completes the whole thing, because that is what it is mainly about for me: making you shine with MySPM.

I’ll see you soon,


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