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‘Back to Basic’ part 1/2: Why an SPM?

In this series of blogs I want to take you to the essence of My Shoe Shine Machine (MySPM): making your leather shoes (and yourself) shine.
MySPM embraces the personal attention for your leather shoes and especially wants to emphasize the convenience that an SPM can give you. Moreover, you are working sustainably and you have an original item within reach.
Come back to basics with me and read on.

Part 1: Why an SPM?

Regularly polishing shoes is an action that makes your (leather) shoes look clean and neat again. This gives extra shine to your shoes, but also to yourself. Neat and well-polished leather shoes form the basis of the overall picture, so paying attention to this pays off.

A brush, a jar of shoe polish and an old cloth are often the tools to get this job done. Time is freed up and you don’t pack your best clothes before you start. Then brush vigorously to remove the dirt from your shoe and the sole edge, after which applying and polishing with the shoe polish requires many hand movements before it is properly absorbed and shines. Washing hands afterwards is usually necessary to remove dirt and shoe polish. If all goes well, you can have a pair of shoes ready in 15-30 minutes. Only then do you put on the nice clothes and put on the newly polished shoes.

A shoe shine machine (SPM) puts an end to these time-consuming actions: in just a few minutes at most, your shoes will look like new again. You keep your shoes on and the SPM takes care of the rest: automatically and no dirty cloths, hands or clothes. Including the shine from polishing with shoe polish. View the frequently asked questions and instructions for the correct use of an SPM here .

Conclusion: it takes little time and no energy, so you are ready to go straight away.

So why go for an SPM? Make it easy on yourself and automate the basic actions that ensure you shine.

Give it to your shoes, but especially to yourself.


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